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Nesting may be helpful for dealing with child custody

When divorce happens in Texas, the children impacted by the divorce do have the potential to recover from the split-up. However, it can still be a traumatizing event for them, especially when child custody is a major source of conflict during the divorce proceeding. One method that some parents attempt to use to minimize divorce's effects is nesting.

Unexpected divorce costs can lead to blindsiding

When two spouses in Texas cannot resolve their differences, divorce may be the best move they can make. Nevertheless, divorce is rarely easy -- financially or emotionally. There are a few commonly unexpected or overlooked costs that are critical to be prepared for during this type of family law proceeding.

Common divorce myth has to do with alimony

One of the biggest areas of contention during the dissolution of a marriage in Texas is finances. This is especially true for those with highly valuable assets that have to be split. However, there are certain misconceptions that those going through divorce may have, including the idea that those who did not work during the marriage will be able to get spousal support payments for life.

Child custody battle can make children's lives harder

In modern society, divorce is relatively common. Still, that does not mean it is easy for adults and children alike to navigate emotionally. A couple of tips may help parents in Texas to make the divorce process as easy as possible for their children when dealing with sticky situations such as child custody.

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