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Nesting may be helpful for dealing with child custody

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2017 | Child Custody |

When divorce happens in Texas, the children impacted by the divorce do have the potential to recover from the split-up. However, it can still be a traumatizing event for them, especially when child custody is a major source of conflict during the divorce proceeding. One method that some parents attempt to use to minimize divorce’s effects is nesting.

In a traditional custody arrangement, children are the ones who move between their parents’ two homes. As a result, they have two bedrooms and two separate sets of toys. With this practice, everything material remains predictable and stable for the children, while the parents have to do the adapting.

However, with nesting, the children of divorce stay in the family house after divorce. Meanwhile, the parents take turns moving out of and in the home. This is done based on the custody agreement. Still, nesting can pose some emotional and financial challenges. For instance, it may be financially difficult for the family to maintain three separate homes in an effort to make their nesting setup a reality.

Child custody continues to be one of the most challenging aspects of divorce in Texas. However, if two parents are willing to work together on a parenting plan during their divorce, they may be able to avoid a drawn-out child custody battle in court. This can ultimately help to make the transition that comes with divorce easier for the children to handle, and it can also help the parents to figure out how to work out their differences, which they will have to do as co-parents in the future.

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