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Motor vehicle accidents: Newlyweds killed in tragic crash

As most Texas residents know, roadways across the state are becoming more crowded and congested every year. Traveling on these crowded roads is undoubtedly a difficult and dangerous task. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. These days, operating a motor vehicle requires constant focus and is, unfortunately, taken for granted far too often. Recently, a young newlywed couple was killed in a tragic crash just moments after their wedding.

The accident happened in Orange County along Highway 87 during the afternoon hours. According to reports, the couple's car was struck by a pickup truck that was towing a trailer carrying a tractor. Reports said the couple died at the scene of the violent crash.

Amicable separations may lead to uncontested divorce

Marriage is not always wine and roses. It starts with a couple wanting to prove to their undying devotion and love to each other. It starts with hope and love.

Unfortunately, the rigors of married life may not always result in a forever bond. In these instances, a couple may decide that living together is no longer a viable option and that finding themselves as single people is the best course. When a couple agrees on the terms of their separation, they may go through the Texas court system using an uncontested divorce. Understanding what the process is may help you determine if this process will work for you.

Motor vehicle accidents: Head-on crash kills 1, injures others

These days, just going for a short drive can potentially result in a serious accident. Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is one of the most dangerous daily activities in the lives of Texas residents. Roadways across the state are becoming more and more hazardous every day. Despite modern safety measures and strict traffic laws, serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents continue to happen at an alarming rate.

A recent crash in Hudspeth County killed one person and injured two other motorists. The accident happened along U.S. Highway 62/180 during the morning hours. According to reports, the driver of a westbound sedan crossed over the center line of the highway into oncoming traffic.

Motorcycle accidents: Road rage results in tragic crash

Texas is home to beautiful landscapes and wide open spaces  The many scenic roadways that criss-cross the state are great for motorcyclists. However, traveling by motorcycle these days can be very risky. What makes riding motorcycles so risky is not the motorcycles themselves, but the other vehicles on the road. Since bikers are exposed to the elements, motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in serious injury or death.

Recently in San Antonio, a hit-and-run accident involving a motorcycle resulted in the death of one man. The accident happened on Southeast Loop 410. According to investigators, the motorcyclist may have cut in front of a car, and the driver of the car became angry. Reports said the driver of the car engaged in road rage and began attempting to pass the motorcycle.

Drunk driving accidents: Former councilwoman killed in crash

Operating a motor vehicle requires constant focus and attention, especially on crowded Texas roadways. This is why driving under the influence of alcohol is so dangerous. Alcohol slows down cognitive function, significantly delays reaction time and can make the simplest tasks extremely difficult. Regardless, people continue to get behind the wheel while impaired. Every year in America, thousands of people are injured or killed in drunk driving accidents.

A recent crash in Dallas caused by an alleged drunk driver tragically killed a former city councilwoman. The accident happened during the evening hours on Ledbetter Drive. According to reports, the driver of an SUV was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes and collided head-on with a sedan. Reports indicated the violent crash killed the driver of the sedan. She was reportedly a former Dallas City Councilwoman.

Working through joint custody challenges after divorce

Becoming a parent typically means becoming tied to the other parent no matter what. While this arrangement may not seem problematic to happily-married couples, it could cause an issue for individuals who choose to divorce. Certainly, ending a marriage does not end parenthood, but if individuals opt for joint custody, it commonly does mean continuing to work with an ex.

Many Texas parents may believe that joint custody is the best arrangement for their kids after a divorce. Keeping in mind that the custody terms are for the benefit of the children and not necessarily the parents could help when parental relationships become strained. It could be difficult at times to see an ex-spouse or have to try to make important decisions together, but keeping the well-being of the kids at the forefront may help parents push through challenges.

Is collaborative divorce the way to begin your new life?

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, you may dread going to court.

If so, you may want to consider an alternative, such as collaborative divorce. Such an option affords several benefits over litigation, including less stress and less of an expense.

Motor vehicle accident happened during bike rally weekend

Motorcycle enthusiasts from Texas and beyond often travel to Austin for an annual bike rally event. In fact, the event was being held on a recent weekend, during which a motor vehicle accident occurred involving a car and a motorcycle. Multiple travelers suffered injuries in the collision.

It is unclear whether the motorcyclists involved in the crash were part of the rally. However, current data shows that motorcyclists are often injured in traffic accidents when the rally is being hosted. About three days into this year's rally, medics reported that six separate incidents had occurred, resulting in eight people being hospitalized.

Distracted drivers are a common cause of motor vehicle accidents

These days, roadways across the state of Texas are more dangerous than ever. Modern drivers are faced with distractions that can take attention off of the road. Losing focus behind the wheel for just a split second is enough to cause serious motor vehicle accidents. A recent three vehicle crash in West Houston claimed the life of one woman and injured several others.

The accident happened at night at the intersection of Harwin and West Sam Houston Parkway. According to reports, a sedan was traveling east on Harwin approaching the intersection. Reports said the sedan was struck on the passenger side by a vehicle traveling north on the Sam Houston Parkway feeder road.

Motorcycle accidents: Crash claims the life of a college student

Motorcycles are definitely fun, but they can also be very dangerous. Riding a motorcycle on crowded Texas roadways is a very risky way to travel. Motorcycles do not have seat belts, and with riders totally exposed and minimally protected, motorcycle accidents often turn fatal. According to recent statistics, motorcyclists are five times more likely to be seriously injured in a crash than motorists in passenger vehicles.

Recently in Kingsville, an accident involving a motorcycle claimed the life of a female college student. The accident occurred during the afternoon hours on General Cavazos Boulevard. According to reports, the motorcyclist was traveling east on General Cavazos when an SUV pulled out of a nearby parking lot and onto the roadway.

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