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How to get a spouse on board with mediation

Without question, divorce is a difficult event for any person to experience. However, there are ways to make divorce easier and less stressful for all parties. More and more couples in Texas these days are choosing mediation instead of lengthy divorce trials. Mediation allows for separating couples to settle disputes in a less stressful and less expensive process. The following advice may be helpful if an ex-spouse isn't on board with mediation.

As with anything in life, preparation is very important. Do some research ahead of time and be prepared to explain why mediation is beneficial. Being prepared will help with communication, and communicating is crucial during this process.

Disparaging your ex-spouse may harm your custody case

If you were in an unhappy marriage, no one needs to tell you that dealing with a soon-to-be ex-spouse can be challenging. After all, you likely have some anger, resentment and other negative emotions. Still, if you make disparaging comments about your partner to your children, you may inadvertently complicate your custody case. 

Parental alienation syndrome sometimes afflicts children during custody battles. This condition happens when one parent uses mental or emotional manipulation to interfere with the other parent’s relationship with his or her children. In Texas, parental alienation may run counter to the best interests of the kids

Reasons why gray divorce is on the rise

These days, ending a marriage is not something that is considered uncommon. It may come as a surprise to some, but the overall divorce rate in Texas and across the United States has been on the decline over the last few years. However, among one specific demographic, the rate of divorce has skyrocketed. In a phenomenon known as gray divorce, more and more couples over the age of 55 are calling it quits. Here are some reasons why.

Financial concerns are one of the main reasons for any divorce. For older couples, this is no different. After retirement, money is often tighter, causing added stress and disputes. Many times, financial problems are not easily solved, so older couples sometimes decide that divorce is the only solution. 

How to recover financially after a divorce

In the United States, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. This means that thousands of people in Texas and across the country will go through this type of family law proceeding at some point during their lives. It's no secret that divorce can be devastating not only psychologically, but also financially. The following advice may be helpful to those who find themselves struggling financially after a divorce.

Most of the time, divorce means more expenses but less income to offset these expenses. After a divorce, one of the first things to do is to readjust existing budgets or make a new budget entirely. Doing this will allow for easier tracking of income versus expenses.

Mistakes for men to avoid during a divorce

Ending a marriage can be a tough and exhausting experience for anyone. For men, however, divorce can present unique challenges. Men are stereotypically thought of as the stronger sex, and in a majority of marriages, the husband handles the finances. Because of this, there are a multitude of resources available in Texas to help women through a divorce, but men can struggle to find the help they need. Here are a few common mistakes that men should steer clear of amid a divorce.

The husband is the primary bread winner in a lot of marriages, so during a divorce it is common for the man to think that the majority of assets are his. However, Texas is a community property state and that means every dollar of income during marriage is split evenly between spouses no matter what assets the money went into. Men should accept that they will have to give up some assets. Fighting this will be a waste of money.

Motorcycle accidents are happening more and more in Texas

For many people, the wide open spaces of Texas are best explored behind the handle bars of a motorcycle. Motorcycles are an economical and fun way to travel. Traveling by motorcycle has become a very popular form of recreation across the state of Texas. Unfortunately, motorcycles can also be a very dangerous way to travel. Motorcycle accidents are often fatal since riders are fully exposed.

A recent accident in San Antonio claimed the life of a motorcyclist. The crash happened on Culebra Road during the morning hours. According to reports, the motorcyclist was traveling west when an eastbound car made a left turn into the path of the motorcycle.

Does your motorcycle helmet fit correctly?

With its beautiful autumns and mild winters, the San Antonio area is a motorcyclist's dream. After all, unlike many other places, if you live in southern Texas, you do not have to park your bike for months at a time. Still, regardless of when you ride, you must wear protective gear to reach your destination safely. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, helmets saved nearly 2,000 riders’ lives in 2017 alone. Another 750 individuals would likely have lived through their motorcycle crashes had they been wearing safety-rated helmets. Of course, your helmet can only protect you if it fits correctly. Here are some suggestions for ensuring proper fitment: 

Advice to consider for a more peaceful divorce

Without question, ending a marriage is one of the most difficult life events that an individual can experience. During this time of intense emotions and vulnerability, it can be very easy for a person to spiral out of control. For Texas residents going through a divorce, the following tips may help make for a smoother transition.

While it may be very challenging depending on circumstances, it can be very helpful to maintain a certain level of mutual respect with the soon-to-be ex-spouse. It can be very tempting to fight it out in court, but a lengthy court battle will only result in more emotional strain not to mention added expenses. Instead, try to work with the other party to find a common goal for the future. For example: if children are present, both parties can find common ground by agreeing to place children as the top priority. Sharing a common goal will ensure that civility is maintained throughout the process.

Drunk driving accidents likely to end in serious injury or death

It's common knowledge that driving and alcohol don't mix. Despite the disastrous consequences, thousands of people across the country continue to drive while intoxicated. As if roadways in Texas aren't dangerous enough, the odds of an accident happening increase dramatically when drunk drivers get behind the wheel. Tragically, drunk driving accidents typically result in serious injuries or death.

Recently, a police officer in Austin was injured when he was hit by an alleged drunk driver. The incident happened just after midnight along interstate 35. Reports said the officer was on his motorcycle with the emergency lights activated while traffic workers moved barricades from the roadway. According to reports, the driver of a dark-colored vehicle crashed into the officer's motorcycle and drove away.

Motor vehicle accidents: Newlyweds killed in tragic crash

As most Texas residents know, roadways across the state are becoming more crowded and congested every year. Traveling on these crowded roads is undoubtedly a difficult and dangerous task. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. These days, operating a motor vehicle requires constant focus and is, unfortunately, taken for granted far too often. Recently, a young newlywed couple was killed in a tragic crash just moments after their wedding.

The accident happened in Orange County along Highway 87 during the afternoon hours. According to reports, the couple's car was struck by a pickup truck that was towing a trailer carrying a tractor. Reports said the couple died at the scene of the violent crash.

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