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Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injury or death

Roadways across the state of Texas have become crowded and are frequently congested. Obviously, those who travel by motorcycle face different challenges and dangers than those in passenger vehicles. Motorcycles are smaller and can be more difficult for other drivers to see. This is a major cause of motorcycle accidents. Since motorcyclists are more exposed and minimally protected, any accident has a greater chance of being serious or fatal.

A recent crash in Tyler resulted in injuries and the tragic death of a motorcyclist. The accident happened just before midnight on South Broadway Avenue. According to reports, a pickup truck and a motorcycle were both southbound on South Broadway approaching an intersection. Investigators said that the motorcycle was slowing or had stopped for the red light and was struck from behind by the pickup truck.

What to do after you get hit by a drunk driver

It is no secret that drunk driving ruins lives. In 2016, there were 17,434 DUI accidents in Texas, with San Antonio topping the list of cities with 1,845 crashes. Too many lives are lost and changed forever due to impaired drivers. 

If you are ever in a DUI crash, it is vital to know what to do. Here are some actions you should take after getting hit by an intoxicated driver.

Motor vehicle accidents: Young boy killed in tragic crash

Its no secret that roadways are becoming more and more crowded across the state of Texas. These days, just getting from point A to point B can be risky and dangerous. Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of serious injury and death across the country. Unfortunately, most people will experience an automobile accident at some point in their lives.

A tragic accident in Ellis County recently claimed the life of a young boy. The accident involved two vehicles and happened along Interstate 35. According to reports, a van traveling southbound had become disabled in the center lane and was suddenly struck from behind by a pickup truck heading the same direction.

Tips to manage stress during divorce

The end of a marriage can be emotional and stressful experience. When couples get married, the furthest thing from their minds is divorce. However, some statistics say that about half of all marriages in Texas and across the United States will end in divorce. The following tips can be helpful to manage the stress that is common when spouses separate.

To reduce stress and anxiety, there is arguably nothing more effective than physical activity. It is a scientific fact that exercise produces endorphins, which are the brain chemicals responsible for happiness. Finding a new hobby can lift spirits and focus the mind away from the stress of the divorce. Engaging in a new hobby is also a great way to meet people and build self esteem.

Is divorce mediation just for couples who still get along well?

One out-of-court option for couples when it comes to tackling divorce issues is mediation. In divorce mediation, a couple meets with a neutral mediator and discusses divorce issues with the aim of trying to reach agreements on these issues.

As a note, the mediator is there to facilitate discussions between the parties, not to “rule” on the issues. So, in mediation, decision-making power remains with the parties, it does not go to the mediator.

An appraiser may improve the divorce negotiation process

You and your spouse want an amicable divorce, but both of you have strong emotional attachments to quite a few of the personal property items purchased during your marriage. Unlike the classic car you bought before you married, you must divide your community property equally.

It may help smooth the property division process to hire an appraiser who can give you a dollar amount based on fair market value.

Making changes to child custody arrangements in Texas

Your existing child custody order may not work forever. If your child custody arrangement is no longer working for you, you may want to make changes to it. Some reasons for modifying child custody decisions include the following:

  • Relocation of either parent
  • A child is in a dangerous environment
  • An older child expresses a desire for a change

Thankfully, there is a process for modifying child custody agreements laid out in Texas. The family court will approve a modification if it decides it is best for your child. Here are some helpful details about child support modifications in Texas.

Protective order may be in order in domestic violence situation

Situations involving partner abuse in Texas can understandably spark feelings of uncertainty and stress. However, if you are experiencing domestic violence, you do have options. One of these options may be to secure a protective order, also known as a restraining order.

A restraining order can be pursued in family court. However, family law courts are not the same thing as criminal law courts. In family court, a judge can issue temporary protective orders in the absence of the respondents -- the parties reportedly posing a threat.

Settlement agreement process may make divorce easier

Getting divorced is generally not a pleasant process for both emotional and financial reasons. However, one way to make this life-altering process easier is to pursue a divorce settlement outside of court. Here is a glimpse at how the settlement process works during this type of family law proceeding in Texas.

Two individuals who are getting divorced do not necessarily need to go to divorce trial to address their divorce issues. Instead, they can complete an alternative dispute resolution process, such as mediation, or engage in informal negotiations. During these processes, they can work toward a settlement agreement that pleases both sides and that considers the best interests of the children, if the couple have minor children.

Child custody: Shared parenting tips

Parents separate for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest concerns post-separation can be the custody arrangements of the children. Child custody laws in Texas were put in place to serve the needs of both parents and children. A new trend that is taking shape in the United States involves shared parenting agreements, with more and more states passing legislation to facilitate co-parenting arrangements. The following tips may be helpful for parents taking part in co-parenting.

It's no secret that a separation or divorce can be a very emotional time, but newly single parents should never let anger or resentment influence their behavior. It is key to set a good example and show children how to act respectfully. Although situations can vary, always keep the best interest of the children in mind.

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