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Common divorce myth has to do with alimony

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2017 | Divorce |

One of the biggest areas of contention during the dissolution of a marriage in Texas is finances. This is especially true for those with highly valuable assets that have to be split. However, there are certain misconceptions that those going through divorce may have, including the idea that those who did not work during the marriage will be able to get spousal support payments for life.

Spouses who did not work during the marriage, perhaps to stay home and take care of the children, could receive some alimony. However, these payments may not be the permanent payments one might expect. Today, spouses who do not work typically receive alimony for limited periods of time.

The goal of spousal support today is to provide the nonworking spouse with a little support until he or she can land a job. In other cases, the nonworking spouse may find the financial support helpful until he or she can finish a higher education degree program, for instance. The unending streams of monetary support from ex-spouses that existed in the past simply are not common today.

Spousal support is just one aspect of the finances that have to be resolved during a divorce proceeding. Splitting money in accounts and even figuring out how to handle the marital home or another real estate property that both parties own can also be tricky to accomplish, especially when the spouses find it hard to be amicable. An attorney in Texas can provide guidance and ongoing support, even involving the most complex of property distribution scenarios.

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