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Child custody may be decided in court or outside of court

Deciding who should get custody of the children following a marital split-up in Texas can be an emotionally overwhelming process. Naturally, both parents may desire for the children to live with them. A few tips may help with navigating a divorce proceeding involving child custody.

Choosing whether to divorce the home, too, can be tricky

Once two spouses decide to get divorced in Texas, one of the biggest decisions they must make is what to do with their shared home. If they own the residence, one individual will likely be moving out of it. Alternatively, they may decide to sell the home and both move out as part of the divorce.

Collaborative divorce offers some benefits

When the dissolution of a marriage in Texas is unavoidable, it is natural to feel anxious and fearful about going through the process. After all, if two spouses cannot get along, the divorce process can be hostile and unpleasant. However, it is possible to dissolve a marriage in a relatively amicable way thanks to an alternative to traditional litigation know as collaborative divorce.

Questions before divorce involving support and the marital home

Navigating the process of dissolving a marriage can inherently be tricky no matter how long or short of a time a Texas couple has been married. If the two spouses getting divorced find it hard to get along, this may only make matters even more daunting. A couple of areas that can be particularly contentious during divorce have to do with support and the marital home.

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