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Protecting The Best Interests Of Your Children

When children are involved, a split can be incredibly difficult. It is understandable that high emotions, stress and worry can lead to conflict in a custody dispute.

At Law Office of Randy Mora, PLLC, we seek creative solutions to complex child custody disputes to best help the entire family move on. Rather than prolong a dispute or settle back and wait for trial, we want to aggressively seek a solution that saves time, money and stress on the entire family.

If there is a path forward that minimizes conflict, we will advise you of that path and work hard to ensure your family is in a position to succeed once your case is concluded.

A Tough Negotiator And Compassionate Advocate

While a negotiated solution is often best, trial lawyer will be a strong advocate for you in court when required.

There are situations in which it is simply not appropriate for one parent to have custody, or even visitation rights. Substance abuse involving alcohol or drugs, a history of domestic violence, anger management problems and other factors may mean it is not safe for a parent to be involved in the lives of children without supervision.

We tailor our representation according to the needs of our clients. If you need someone to stand up for your rights, we have the experience to be a voice for you in court. If you need a solution to a difficult custody issue or need help avoiding conflict in the future, we have the knowledge and experience to anticipate and avoid future conflict.

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