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Picking Up The Pieces After A DWI/DUI Crash

At , we fight for those injured by drunk drivers. We can help you fight for the compensation that you deserve due to a drunk driver’s actions.

We Will Prove That Alcohol Contributed To The Crash

Our attorneys can use chemical test results to prove that the driver’s blood-alcohol content exceeded the legal limit. However, even if they were not above the legal limit, we can still use the results to show that alcohol impairment contributed to the crash. During our investigation, we will also gather police reports, photographs, witness testimony and any statements made by the driver to prove our case.

A Criminal Conviction Does Not Affect Your Ability To Seek Compensation

Drunk drivers can face both criminal and civil lawsuits if the crash resulted in injuries. However, even if they are found guilty of drunk driving in a criminal court, it does not necessarily compensate you for your injuries. You can seek relief outside of the criminal courts and file a civil claim against the other driver even if he or she was never formally arrested and convicted of DUI.

Physical, Financial And Emotional Recovery And Relief Is Possible

Our Texas personal injury lawyer can help you recover compensation to pay for what you have lost as a result of the accident. There are various types of compensation that can be recovered in personal injury cases, including medical bills and lost wages. We can help determine the amount of compensation you may be entitled to receive, and what we can do to strengthen your case.

Call Today For The Help You Need

Now is the time to hold the other driver accountable and fight for damages. We will pursue your case to the fullest extent of the law in our pursuit for justice. For a free consultation, call 210-446-0306 or send our attorneys an email. We serve clients in San Antonio, Castroville and the surrounding areas.