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Financial information important to collect when starting divorce

Those beginning the process of ending a marriage in Texas may understandably be confused about what to do first and how to proceed thereafter. After all, divorce features many moving parts, with spouses' financial situations being on the line. A couple of tips may help those going through divorce to navigate these types of family law proceedings successfully.

Expensive artwork may lead to animosity during divorce

Dissolving a marriage in Texas can be difficult no matter how much or little a couple's assets are worth. However, the more they are worth, the more problems are likely to erupt. This is particularly the case for high-net-worth couples who have expensive artwork they must divide as part of their divorce proceedings.

Common mistakes may prevent successful divorce proceeding

A marital breakup in Texas can impact multiple parties -- not just the husband and wife going through it. For instance, the scars left behind after a divorce may end up being passed down to future generations. Feelings of shame, blame, anger and despair often surround divorce proceedings, but a few tips may help those going through divorce to avoid making mistakes they will regret down the road.

Valuing business during divorce is critical to asset division

Figuring out how much a business is worth can be an especially stressful process for a complex venture. Adding divorce to the mix only complicates the valuation process. However, for those going through divorce in Texas, reaching out to a Certified Public Accountant with valuation experience may be helpful.

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