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When Tempers Flare, We Can Obtain A Restraining Order For You

The stress and uncertainty involved in family situations involving domestic abuse cannot be overstated. As a lawyer who formerly represented clients at a crisis center, family law attorney understands the practical actions needed during this difficult time. One of those actions may be to get a protective order, more commonly known as a restraining order.

Our law practice is about providing compassionate and solutions-oriented representation. The emotions involved can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can have a knowledgeable legal guide to stand by you and protect your well-being and legal rights.

You have enough to focus on during this incredibly difficult time. At , we will be there for you as a trusted legal guide looking out for your interests, even if no one else is. We can advise you of whether a restraining order is the right option, represent you at the hearing to obtain one and otherwise protect your rights.

Ethical Representation By An Attorney Who Cares

As an up-and-coming attorney in San Antonio, has received numerous accolades and awards. Our firm provides ethical and responsive legal representation that has been proven to get results that work for our clients.

Nowhere is this more important than in obtaining or contesting protective orders. Family court is not the same as a criminal court. A temporary protective order can be issued without the respondent (the individual accused of posing a threat) being present. While this can lead to an initial protection of family members at risk, it is by no means a permanent solution. And for those who have such an order taken out against them, there is the ability to contest the protective order. Ultimately, it does not necessarily have to affect custody.

From getting a temporary protective order to allowing long-term peace of mind through a more permanent protective order or child custody arrangement, we know the law and can act as your adviser and guide. Importantly, we will take the time to listen to you and your story. Only once we fully understand the situation, your concerns and your goals will we discuss your potential options.

Learn About Your Options In An Initial consultation

Our law firm places you, the client, first. That means whatever is best for you and your situation, we will work hard to accomplish. It is this approach, combined with our consistent protection of the rights of victims, that has led to being considered one of the premier attorneys in Texas in handling domestic abuse matters. Schedule an initial informal consultation by calling 210-446-0306 or reach us online.