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April 2017 Archives

Financial steps important to take during divorce

Sometimes a marriage does not work out as planned, and dissolving the marriage becomes an unavoidable journey. In addition to facing the emotional challenges of getting divorced, dealing with the financial aspect of a divorce can also be intimidating. Every divorce proceeding in the state of Texas has financial consequences that are critical for those involved.

Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck file for divorce

Two high-profile individuals recently decided to dissolve their marriage in another state. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are going through the divorce process a couple of years after announcing their separation. The divorce process can understandably be complicated in Texas and other states, but understanding the law can help those going through the process to attain the outcomes they desire.

Child custody may be complicated

During the process of divorce, the custody laws of the state of Texas play a major role in who will end up with the children. A judge will decide how the parents will divide the care of their children. The parent who is to maintain physical custody of the children will be the parent who cares for the children daily, which essentially means that the children will almost always stay with the parent who is given physical child custody.

The little details matter in custody-related issues

When parents get divorced, one of the matters that tends to be front-and-center is how the parents will split time with the children moving forward. When it comes to the child custody arrangement reached to address this issue, all kinds of details regarding the terms of such an arrangement, big and small, can have significant ramifications for the lives of the parents and the children.

Divorcing Millennials Should Think Long-Term

Millennials are facing divorce differently. In an age where divorce has become less stigmatized, many young couples are coming to terms with the end of marriage earlier. Couples in their 20s and 30s are choosing to divorce differently than the generations before them. Many millennials grew up in divorced families themselves. They have witnessed the messy side of divorce and are cautious to the effects of a bad separation.

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