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February 2018 Archives

Being financially stable after divorce is possible

The process of getting divorced can understandably be overwhelming, not just emotionally but also financially. For this reason, developing a strategic plan is necessary to prepare for the financial impact of divorce. A few tips may help with protecting one's financial future post divorce in Texas.

Transitioning smoothly to life after divorce is possible

Going through a marital breakup in Texas can seem difficult for both emotional and financial reasons. However, the sooner a divorcing spouse embraces the chance to live life according to his or her own terms in the future, the easier the breakup will be. A couple of tips may help divorcing individuals to prepare effectively for life post divorce.

Common divorce mistakes can be costly long term

Breaking up with a spouse can understandably be a complicated ordeal, both emotionally and financially. In light of this, making a mistake during the divorce process is easy, and the mistake can unfortunately have a negative long-term impact. Here are a couple of the most common mistakes made during divorce proceedings in Texas and elsewhere.

Children's well-being a priority when dealing with child custody

Divorce can understandably take an emotional and financial toll on the two spouses going through it. However, if they are parents, their children will also be impacted by the marital breakup in one way or another, especially when it comes to child custody. A couple of tips may help divorcing parents in Texas to help their children through the process effectively.

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