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June 2017 Archives

Peace rather than war is possible through collaborative divorce

Going through a marital split-up in Texas can be tumultuous both emotionally and financially. Making matters even tougher is if one partner refuses to approach the divorce reasonably and instead is determined to make the process as difficult as possible for the other party. However, this approach can quickly be self-defeating, too. Collaborative divorce is a more peaceful method of tackling divorce.

Not all divorce proceedings have to be bad

At the beginning of the process of dissolving a marriage in Texas, expecting to go through a drawn-out battle with a future ex is common. However, not all divorce proceedings are filled with strife. A few tips can help with facilitating a divorce process that is as amicable as possible, which is especially helpful when children are involved.

Negotiation can be helpful during divorce in Texas

When a couple gets married in Texas, the prospect of getting divorced is often far from their minds. However, it can become a reality in many couples' cases if they end up being unable to reconcile their differences. Although many spouses getting divorced initially focus on bracing for the divorce emotionally, bracing for it financially is critical, too.

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