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May 2017 Archives

Child custody dispute may negatively impact children's health

During the divorce process, dealing with sticky matters such as property division can understandably be stressful. However, one of the biggest causes of contention during divorce in Texas is child custody. Research shows that when parents battle over who gets to keep the children, which can be emotionally overwhelming, the children end up suffering emotionally, too.

Collaborative divorce an alternative to litigation

Although the dissolution of a marriage is often painted as a contentious process in Texas, it does not always have to be filled with fighting and disagreement. In fact, in many divorce situations, the spouses are hoping to call it quits in as amicable a way as possible. These spouses may benefit from a process known as collaborative divorce.

Prenup may help during family law proceeding of divorce

Premarital agreements may appear to remove the romance from marriages before they ever get started. However, this does not have to happen. Rather than pitting two soon-to-be spouses against each other, a premarital agreement -- also known as a prenuptial agreement -- can actually be a useful financial planning tool for when the family law proceeding of divorce in Texas is inevitable.

Some pressing financial matters must be addressed after divorce

During the time of transition that takes place following the dissolution of a marriage, some heavy financial decisions have to be made in Texas. These decisions affect not only the recently divorced party but also possibly his or her children, and they can have lifelong consequences. A few tips may help with addressing some of the most critical financial matters following divorce.

Texas family law: Online postings can impact divorce proceedings

During the dissolution of a marriage in Texas, the desire to move on emotionally can understandably be great. This is why dating even during divorce is not all that uncommon. However, keeping one's dating life offline is paramount for helping to ensure the best outcome during this type of family law proceeding.

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