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March 2018 Archives

Gray divorce may ruin retirement plans

More married couples in Texas and elsewhere are deciding to breakup near their golden years. This may seem like a convenient time to break up a marriage since the children are grown at this stage of the parents' lives. However, from a financial standpoint, it can be an inconvenient time to get a divorce.

Counseling may be a wise move prior to filing for divorce

The process of getting divorced in Texas can certainly take an emotional and a financial toll on a couple. However, sometimes, divorce can be avoided. Counseling may be an option for couples who are on the fence about getting divorced and are interested in trying to preserve their marriages first.

Dividing retirement assets may spark confusion during divorce

Dissolving a marriage can be difficult both emotionally and financially, no matter how short or long of a time two people were married. However, it can be particularly unsettling for those who are nearing retirement, as they may be worried about how the divorce will affect their finances in their golden years. Understanding the law when it comes to splitting retirement assets in particular is critical when navigating divorce in Texas.

Steps important to take after divorce has been finalized

Getting through the dissolution of a marriage in Texas can feel like a harrowing feat. However, once the dust has settled, the uneasy feeling that one experiences during the process may not necessarily go away after the divorce has been finalized. A couple of tips may help individuals to navigate the aftermath of a marital breakup.

Marital property sale can be challenging during divorce

The dissolution of a marriage can be complicated for both emotional and financial reasons. However, one of the most complex parts of getting a divorce is the sale of the marital home, even if two spouses easily agree to it. A couple of tips might help those navigating real estate sales during the divorce process in Texas.

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