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September 2017 Archives

Asset division mistakes during divorce can be costly

As summer has ended and fall is in full swing, so are some spouses' plans to finally get divorced and move on with their own lives. The start of the school year in Texas marks the start of the season for divorce for many couples. A couple of tips may help those embarking on the road to divorce to avoid some costly mistakes.

Residency affects where divorce petition is ultimately filed

Deciding to get divorced can be an emotionally and financially challenging decision. However, it can also be complex to address from a legal standpoint. An important consideration when filing for divorce in Texas is that one must reside in the state in order to file for divorce here.

Being amicable when dealing with child custody is possible

Co-parenting can be challenging any time of the year, but it can be especially challenging when the school year is in full swing. The most ideal way of dealing with co-parenting is for the parents to work amicably toward finding practical solutions to any issues that crop up. A few tips may help with solving or preventing issues related to child custody in Texas.

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