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Are You Eligible For Spousal Support?

It can be difficult to know if spousal support, also known as alimony or spousal maintenance, will apply in your situation. Unfortunately, many myths exist about spousal support. For example, spousal support is not awarded based on gender. Child support and spousal support are two different things. And unlike child support, spousal maintenance is not mandatory.

Tough, Knowledgeable Legal Guidance In Spousal Support Negotiations

is an experienced family law attorney who finds solutions for his clients. Spousal support can be a difficult matter to negotiate. Mr. Mora is focused on finding resolutions that work for his clients.

Whether you are looking to maintain your standard of living after having sacrificed a career to take care of the house or children, or need to protect your finances for retirement, we can walk you through your rights and negotiate persuasively.

Named to the Top 40 Under 40 by The National Advocates in 2016 and 2017, he will use his knowledge, skill and dedicated advocacy to work for you. Having a stable financial position post-divorce is imperative. We can help you get there.

Does Spousal Maintenance Apply To Your Situation?

There are several different types of spousal support. For example, a negotiated divorce settlement may include a one-time payment in order for the other to have the resources and time to find a job, go to school or buy a home. If court-ordered, spousal support may be ordered on a recurring basis for a set number of years, depending on the length of the marriage.

Under Texas law, a family court judge will award spousal maintenance (alimony) to the spouse seeking maintenance if:

  • The spouse cannot earn enough income to meet their “minimum reasonable needs” due to mental or physical incapacitation.
  • The marriage has lasted 10 years or longer, and he or she cannot earn a sufficient or reasonable level of income to provide for “minimum reasonable needs.”
  • He or she is the custodian of a severely disabled child of any age and as a result of providing substantial care to the child and/or significant personal supervision of the child the spouse is unable to earn sufficient income to meet their own “minimum reasonable needs.”

Other factors can influence spousal maintenance, including domestic violence, which is why it is important to discuss your personal circumstances with an experienced divorce lawyer.

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