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Protecting Your Interests In Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is a very personal and unique experience. That is why your divorce should be treated like the life-altering legal proceeding that it is. Your financial and emotional health can be affected by divorce for a long time, as can your family relationships.

Because divorce is stressful, it is difficult to think of all the issues that must be resolved. From dividing retirement accounts to establishing custody of minor children, if applicable, there are far-reaching financial and legal consequences to divorce. Too often, people looking for a quick and easy divorce forego their rights. For example, many people do not pursue spousal maintenance (alimony) despite having a valid legal reason for doing so.

At Law Office of Randy Mora, PLLC, we put our significant knowledge and experience to work for you, our client, to best protect your interests. Importantly, we provide personalized representation, meaning we take the time to listen to you and understand your goals before telling you about your legal options.

Divorce Done Your Way

Because we treat clients and their legal concerns with the respect and attention they deserve, we are able to tailor our representation to fit your circumstances.

For example, we are known as a law firm that handles many agreed divorces. An agreed divorce, also known as an uncontested divorce, means you have reached a divorce settlement prior to going to court. For many people, this eases their concern about the cost, length and stress involved in divorce.

Even if a divorce is relatively amicable, however, there are still important issues to consider. We can walk you through the process and ensure any settlement protects your rights. We can also discuss whether a collaborative divorce is right for you.

While many of our clients prefer alternatives to a traditional contested divorce, we are a litigation law firm ready to go to trial. A recognized and awarded trial attorney, is comfortable in the courtroom and can defend your rights aggressively when needed. For example, we stand up for the rights of victims of domestic violence in and out of court, ensuring that our clients and their children are legally protected from physical, financial and emotional abuse.

Helping You Reach Your Financial Goals Post-Divorce

Call us today to schedule an initial consultation at our San Antonio office at 210-446-0306. You can also reach us confidentially online.