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Common divorce mistakes can be costly long term

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2018 | Divorce |

Breaking up with a spouse can understandably be a complicated ordeal, both emotionally and financially. In light of this, making a mistake during the divorce process is easy, and the mistake can unfortunately have a negative long-term impact. Here are a couple of the most common mistakes made during divorce proceedings in Texas and elsewhere.

First, a major mistake is failing to be prepared for the divorce proceeding with one’s paperwork. If a judge poses a question, having the right paperwork may be the difference between responding with a good answer and a subpar one. Not having the right paperwork to support a desired outcome — such as a particular alimony amount — certainly will not help a divorcing spouse’s case.

Second, a common mistake when going to court is the failure to dress appropriately. For example, not dressing nicely will make it harder for a parent to convince a judge that he or she should receive 50/50 parenting time along with joint custody. At the same time, those who enter court with expensive jewelry and clothing may have a hard time convincing judges that they lack the money needed to make child support payments.

Yet another common mistake made during divorce is proceeding to a divorce trial with no attorney. In fact, this is the top mistake. An attorney understands the etiquette and procedures of court that a divorcing spouse likely does not know. The attorney also likely understands the judge’s dislikes and likes, which can be invaluable for getting on the judge’s good side. Seeking the assistance of a qualified attorney in Texas will increase the client’s chances of attaining the positive result he or she desires during this type of family law proceeding.

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