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Child custody may be decided in court or outside of court

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2017 | Child Custody |

Deciding who should get custody of the children following a marital split-up in Texas can be an emotionally overwhelming process. Naturally, both parents may desire for the children to live with them. A few tips may help with navigating a divorce proceeding involving child custody.

First, if two divorcing parents are able to find common ground, they may benefit from going through a process such as mediation. With mediation, they can work together to create a parenting agreement that reflects both of their wishes in addition to the desires of the children. Collaborative divorce is another process that allows parents to come up with an agreement they both like, with the help of a team of experts that includes counselors, for example.

Outside of court, the parents might decide on a joint custody arrangement, where their children will get the chance to live with both of their parents. In addition, the parents agree to cooperate on big decisions that deal with their children’s welfare. Alternatively, the parents might agree for the children to live with just one parent, while the other parent enjoys generous visitation opportunities.

If the two parents cannot come up with an agreement that is mutually satisfactory, they will have to depend on a judge in Texas to determine a custody arrangement for them. The judge will focus on what is in the children’s best interests long term. Whether addressing child custody outside of court or in court, an attorney can help a divorcing parent to pursue the most personally favorable outcome possible, considering the circumstances surrounding the case.

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