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Child custody dispute may negatively impact children’s health

On Behalf of | May 31, 2017 | Child Custody |

During the divorce process, dealing with sticky matters such as property division can understandably be stressful. However, one of the biggest causes of contention during divorce in Texas is child custody. Research shows that when parents battle over who gets to keep the children, which can be emotionally overwhelming, the children end up suffering emotionally, too.

According to a new study, a marital split-up does not necessarily have a negative impact on the health of the children involved in the split-up. Rather, the parents’ incorrect handling of the divorce can negatively affect the children. This was confirmed by both the existing scientific literature and the data obtained in the recent study.

Research has also shown that if quarreling parents stay together just to keep their family together, this can a negative impact on the children as well. After all, their irreconcilable differences can continue to affect the family over time. Yet another study revealed that the most important factor in their well-being during divorce is that their parents allow them to feel as though they are part of the process. However, they still do not want one parent to pit them against the other.

Getting divorced in Texas is hardly ever easy on the children when child custody is a major area of debate. However, the process of divorce mediation may make it easier for the parents to find common ground and achieve a plan that works for both of them and is ultimately in the best interests of their children. This will increase all parties’ chances of maintaining a healthy well-being years after the divorce has been finalized.

Source:, “Divorce Isn’t What Harms Kids’ Health, Study Finds, But How Parents Handle It Is“, Abby Norman, May 25, 2017