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The little details matter in custody-related issues

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | Child Custody |

When parents get divorced, one of the matters that tends to be front-and-center is how the parents will split time with the children moving forward. When it comes to the child custody arrangement reached to address this issue, all kinds of details regarding the terms of such an arrangement, big and small, can have significant ramifications for the lives of the parents and the children.

So, paying proper attention to the details, and their potential implications, can be incredibly important for a parent when navigating child custody matters in a divorce. Skilled divorce attorneys can help divorcing parents in their efforts to reach a child custody arrangement which is a good fit for them, their family and their children’s interests.

Another area where the little details can matter quite a bit is in the logistical issues related to a child switching from staying with one parent to the other. A recent Huffington Post article went over one such issue: whether the child needs to pack a bag for such a switch or whether the child has the sorts of things they need at both parents’ homes.

According to the article, a child having to pack a bag for such a switch has the potential to add some stress for a child by:

  • Keeping them from feeling like they are truly “at home” in both parents’ homes.
  • Making their life feel divided.
  • Being a source of worry for them over whether they are doing things “right” when it comes to the things they have packed.

The article also noted that this situation could lead to parental conflicts over things like packed clothing not making it back.

The article thus posited that, after a divorce, each parent having the things their child needs at their home, so their child doesn’t feel they need to majorly pack for switches from one parent’s home to the other, could have significant benefits for their child.

As this underscores, the little decisions a parent makes in the wake of a divorce can have significant impacts for their kids. This is why giving careful thought to the details of the logistics of co-parenting can be important for divorced parents.