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How can I ease the impact of divorce on my children?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Collaborative Law |

Parents going through a divorce want to do everything they can to ease the anxiety and pain for their children. Some parents might wonder if discussing the divorce with their children at a certain time in the process can make things easier.

In the end, however, timing does not matter nearly as much as collaborating with a co-parent does. Presenting a unified front is the most important thing parents can do.

Plan to tell them earlier

Psychology Today discusses ways you can break the news of divorce to your children while doing as little damage as possible. Though timing is not as important, they still suggest talking to children sooner rather than later. This gives them more time to process the information and prepare for the changes ahead.

When it comes time to break the news, try to be as open as you can about the aspects of the divorce that will affect your children. You can tell them which parent will move out of the house, what the visitation schedule may look like, and how you and your co-parent plan to handle custody. Being upfront with this information can help ease the fear of the unknown your children may experience.

Collaborating with your co-parent

The best way to minimize the impact of divorce on your children is by collaborating and cooperating with your co-parent. If you are on two different pages, information can get muddled. Your children may grow more stressed if they see you and your co-parent argue or fight. They may even blame themselves for the divorce.

Maintaining civility as much as possible can mitigate these concerns for your children, while also teaching them important lessons about how to maturely resolve difficult problems.