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Ending a marriage during pregnancy

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2020 | Divorce |

For people dealing with various challenges in life, getting a divorce is complicated. Financial concerns, conflict with one’s ex and stress related to the legal system are common hurdles that people have to work through. However, there are other unique circumstances that make the process of bringing a marriage to an end challenging. For example, those who are pregnant (or married to someone who is expecting a child) often have a particularly tough time approaching the divorce process. If you are thinking about divorce during pregnancy, make sure you research your options closely and take steps to improve your odds of a favorable outcome.

For starters, those expecting a child need to focus on their physical and emotional health. Divorce sometimes results in very high levels of stress and other negative emotions, which is concerning with respect to a pregnant woman’s health. Try to minimize conflict during your divorce and reach a certain level of understanding with your ex. We realize this is not always feasible, but people must try to reduce tension and focus on a favorable outcome for all parties.

From a legal perspective, family law issues such as custody and child support also require review. Whether you expect to pay child support after the child is born or you have uncertainty with regard to your ability to spend time with your child, these issues are critical. As with any divorce, there are many other factors to look into, such as the distribution of marital property. Please read other parts of our website if you are struggling with uncertainty over your divorce or simply want to learn more about the legal side of moving on from a marriage that is not working out.