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Amicable separations may lead to uncontested divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Marriage is not always wine and roses. It starts with a couple wanting to prove to their undying devotion and love to each other. It starts with hope and love.

Unfortunately, the rigors of married life may not always result in a forever bond. In these instances, a couple may decide that living together is no longer a viable option and that finding themselves as single people is the best course. When a couple agrees on the terms of their separation, they may go through the Texas court system using an uncontested divorce. Understanding what the process is may help you determine if this process will work for you.

Dividing up property and assets is amicable

Agreement on the main issues in divorce is a must to qualify for the uncontested route. Dividing up property, assets and debts are some of the hardest issues in any divorce. Money is a common contributing factor to a divorce. If you and your spouse agree on how to divide the finances you acquired during your marriage, then an uncontested divorce will work.

You agree on visitation and support for children

If you have children, thinking about splitting time between two households may seem impossible. You want as much time as you can get, but understand that your spouse deserves to have as much time with them as well. When parents put aside their personal differences to agree on custody and come up with a reasonable visitation arrangement, it benefits everyone involved, especially the children. Agreeing on these things, as well as child support, can put your divorce on the fast track.

You and your spouse must agree on all issues for an uncontested divorce to work. If there is one element you cannot compromise on, you must go through the regular divorce process. While agreement makes this standard divorce process quicker, it can take longer and cost more. Coming to terms with the terms can benefit you, your spouse and your family in the long and short run.