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Avoiding divorce due to child custody concerns

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Child Custody |

When people think about getting a divorce, there is a wide range of concerns they likely have on their minds. The financial impact of the divorce process is very difficult, especially for couples who have kids (such as child support and concerns about one’s ability to pay for child care and other expenses). However, custody disputes are often the most emotional and challenging aspect of a couple’s divorce. In fact, some people decide to postpone or cancel the divorce process altogether solely because of custody fears. This is especially unfortunate when people find themselves stuck in a toxic marriage.

Our law firm understands why people avoid getting a divorce because of custody. Some worry about how their divorce will affect their kids and their relationship with their children. Sometimes, people fear that they will lose a custody battle and have very little time with their children, or that their kids will blame them for the challenges that arise after a divorce. Moreover, some people simply do not want to deal with only seeing their kids on certain days and splitting parenting time with the other parent.

Child custody concerns should not allow people to become trapped in a marriage that clearly is not working out. If you are in this position, go over your legal options closely and take steps to improve your odds of a favorable outcome. Review the ins and outs of the custody process and develop a clear understanding of the different factors that are reviewed with respect to custody decisions. Our website offers even more information on this potentially difficult aspect of ending a marriage.