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How to get a spouse on board with mediation

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Mediation |

Without question, divorce is a difficult event for any person to experience. However, there are ways to make divorce easier and less stressful for all parties. More and more couples in Texas these days are choosing mediation instead of lengthy divorce trials. Mediation allows for separating couples to settle disputes in a less stressful and less expensive process. The following advice may be helpful if an ex-spouse isn’t on board with mediation.

As with anything in life, preparation is very important. Do some research ahead of time and be prepared to explain why mediation is beneficial. Being prepared will help with communication, and communicating is crucial during this process.

Be prepared to answer any questions that a spouse may have. Some common questions that often arise are concerns about the costs of mediation and how long the process will take. To determine costs, contact a few different mediators and find out how much they charge. The length of a mediation is determined by several factors such as the nature of issues being addressed, the willingness of both parties to compromise and availability.

If a spouse isn’t fully on board, it is very helpful to focus on the benefits of mediation. The many benefits of mediation include privacy, affordability and control over outcomes. However, it is crucial not to force the issue. An amicable settlement is desired, so angering the other party will only lead to frustration and obstacles.

Every year, thousands of couples across the state of Texas benefit from mediation. One of the most important things to do during this time is to seek professional assistance. A skilled litigator can provide guidance and help individuals gain clarity during this confusing time.