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Does your motorcycle helmet fit correctly?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2019 | Uncategorized |

With its beautiful autumns and mild winters, the San Antonio area is a motorcyclist’s dream. After all, unlike many other places, if you live in southern Texas, you do not have to park your bike for months at a time. Still, regardless of when you ride, you must wear protective gear to reach your destination safely. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, helmets saved nearly 2,000 riders’ lives in 2017 alone. Another 750 individuals would likely have lived through their motorcycle crashes had they been wearing safety-rated helmets. Of course, your helmet can only protect you if it fits correctly. Here are some suggestions for ensuring proper fitment: 

Find your head shape 

Not everyone has the same head shape. On the contrary, heads may be either round, ovular or a combination of the two. While it is possible to find a universal helmet, shopping for one that fits your head shape is likely a better idea. To find the shape of your head, ask someone to take a photograph of the top of it while you sit down. Then, compare the photo to the helmet’s shape guide. 

Measure your head 

You do not want a helmet that fits too tightly or too loosely. Therefore, you need to know how large your head is. To measure it, pick up a soft measuring tape from your local craft store. If that is not convenient, you can use a string to wrap around your head. Then, you can simply measure the string to determine your head circumference. 

Try on prospective helmets 

Even if you know the size and shape of your head, you cannot anticipate how a helmet may feel until you wear it. Remember, your forehead, ears, hair and skull may make helmets either incompatible or uncomfortable. Therefore, always try on prospective helmets before you decide which one to buy. 

If you want to reach your destination safely, you must always wear a motorcycle helmet when you ride. With a bit of effort and some diligence, you can likely find the perfect helmet to fit both you and your riding style.