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Motor vehicle accident happened during bike rally weekend

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motorcycle enthusiasts from Texas and beyond often travel to Austin for an annual bike rally event. In fact, the event was being held on a recent weekend, during which a motor vehicle accident occurred involving a car and a motorcycle. Multiple travelers suffered injuries in the collision.

It is unclear whether the motorcyclists involved in the crash were part of the rally. However, current data shows that motorcyclists are often injured in traffic accidents when the rally is being hosted. About three days into this year’s rally, medics reported that six separate incidents had occurred, resulting in eight people being hospitalized.

Three people suffered injuries in the crash that occurred just after noon. Two of the victims were listed in serious but not life-threatening conditions, and the third person’s injuries were considered minor. As many people who have been in similar collisions in the past may be able to relate, even minor injuries can have far-reaching and long-lasting repercussions, including loss of wages due to time off work in recovery.

When a motor vehicle accident occurs on a Texas roadway or anywhere in the United States, one of the most immediate priorities is making sure anyone who has suffered injury receives medical attention. Accident victims will want to obtain medical assistance even if they believe their injuries are minor. Documentation of medical attention is a key factor if a collision later leads to personal injury litigation, which is often the case when one or more motorists is believed to have been negligent.