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Fatal motor vehicle accidents are happening more and more

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When it comes to accidents, the biggest question is not if they will happen, but when. Accidents can happen at any place at any time in the blink of an eye. In the state of Texas, motor vehicle accidents are happening more frequently. The vast majority of these accidents are nothing more than minor fender benders. However, an increasing number are proving to be fatal.

A recent wrong-way crash in Irving claimed the lives of two people and injured another. The accident happened in the westbound lanes of Texas 183 during the overnight hours. According to reports, a vehicle was traveling the wrong direction in the westbound lanes and violently collided with a vehicle that was traveling the correct direction.

Authorities said the drivers of both vehicles were killed in the collision. A passenger in the second vehicle was injured and transported to a local hospital in serious condition, according to authorities. Reportedly, several motorists had called and alerted police of a wrong-way driver, and the crash happened as police were responding to the reports. Police said the accident remains under investigation.

No person wants to be involved in an accident. Unfortunately, most crashes are completely unpredictable and thus unavoidable. Families in Texas who have suffered injuries or the loss of a loved ones in motor vehicle accidents could benefit by seeking the services of an experienced legal representative. A successfully litigated claim could result in much-needed compensation to help victims and families recover any financial losses that may have occurred due to this tragic experience.