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Why joint managing conservatorship is so critical in divorce

You and your ex are working your way toward a relatively peaceful divorce. You have two kids, you're not angry with one another, but you realized after 10 years of marriage that it wasn't working. You weren't getting what you needed, and you've decided you'd be better off on your own.

Working out child custody arrangements with your ex

A divorce sends your life into a state of the unknown. It also sends your child's life into a constant state of change. One thing that you can do for your child is to try to get the child custody issues resolved quickly so that your child can begin to settle into a "new normal" way of life.

A collaborative divorce: 4 benefits

You know that despite your differences, you and your spouse can work together to get through a divorce without making it contentious. That's great news, because when you can work together, you're more likely to create a settlement that works well for your needs.

You need an attorney even for a collaborative divorce

Getting divorced can be a painful, messy experience. Emotions tend to run high for both parties, and years of frustrations may come out at once. Even so, some couples understand that divorcing is in the best interest of both parties and work together throughout the divorce. This process of working together, rather than fighting at every turn, is called collaborative divorce or collaborative law. In cases where you disagree with the division of assets or aspects of child custody and support, mediation with a neutral third party may help. Other times, you can sit down together and agree to terms about it all.

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